“The Tell-Tale Heart”

The short story that I am interested in pursuing is called “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. I have read many short stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe, but “The Tell-Tale Heart” is my favorite of all of his works. The speaker is evidently confessing to someone about a murder that he committed, but the one to whom he is confessing, is not revealed. The speaker is not revealed either since the entire story is told through the perspective of the speaker.

The speaker thinks that he has committed the perfect crime. He tries to convince whomever he is speaking to that he is not mad. The way he tries to convince them that he isn’t mad is by telling how perfectly planned his murder of the old man was and how calm he was during the procession of the murder. He is also very calm, when two police officers come to the house of the old man, to investigate a call they got from a neighbor saying they heard a cry during the night. He puts on a great show for the officers and he almost gets away with the murder.

In the end the speaker starts to hear a loud thumping, like a heartbeat. He believes that it is the old man’s heart that is beating, instead of the beating heart probably being his own. When he hears the heartbeat, the speaker goes mad, and whether it is his guilty conscience that made it so, or his madness finally got the best of him, the story ends with him confessing to the police officers that he had killed the old man.

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