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Sonnet 65

<a title=”But sad mortality o’ersways their power”>Whose action is no stronger than a flower</a>

New critics would find Sonnet 65 to be easy to interpret due to there being so many patterns that help to interpret the poem.  The patterns there have to do with mortality and there being so many examples that nothing is more certain than death and nothing can escape that certainty that all living things will eventually die.  The fact that this so is throughout the entire poem, which makes it easy to interpret.  In addition, new critics would not have to visit a dictionary much to interpret the sonnet unless they wanted to have more words that could replace the word that is in the sonnet.


Miller lies to the King to make himself seem important

Miller’s daughter is told to spin straw into gold or die

Miller’s daughter is saved by the manikin but at a price for each time

King is delighted but his greed makes him want more gold

Miller’s daughter promises her first born child to the manikin

Miller’s daughter is made Queen

Miller’s daughter, now the Queen, gives birth to her first child

Manikin comes to collect

The Queen begs the manikin to not take her child

The manikin promises not to take her child if she can guess his name

The Queen is given three days and sends messengers to retrieve unusual names

Messenger does not come back empty handed

The Queen guesses Rumpelstiltskin and is correct in her guessing

Rumpelstiltskin’s fury causes him to split himself in two

Wordle and Ngram

I found wordle to be a very interesting tool but I couldn’t figure out how to do the Ngram so I’m not able to say anything about that, but if it is as effective and interesting as I found wordle to be, then I would commend it as being useful for our Digital Humanities project as well as wordle.  I really liked the way that wordle would get your attention with how it presented some of the words.  I also found it interesting that the words that I think are an important part of the short story that I chose, were represented in wordle to be important as well.  Whether that be only coincidence or that they are commonly used words so it would naturally show as important, I don’t know but I certainly found it useful.

“The Tell-Tale Heart”

The short story that I am interested in pursuing is called “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. I have read many short stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe, but “The Tell-Tale Heart” is my favorite of all of his works. The speaker is evidently confessing to someone about a murder that he committed, but the one to whom he is confessing, is not revealed. The speaker is not revealed either since the entire story is told through the perspective of the speaker.

The speaker thinks that he has committed the perfect crime. He tries to convince whomever he is speaking to that he is not mad. The way he tries to convince them that he isn’t mad is by telling how perfectly planned his murder of the old man was and how calm he was during the procession of the murder. He is also very calm, when two police officers come to the house of the old man, to investigate a call they got from a neighbor saying they heard a cry during the night. He puts on a great show for the officers and he almost gets away with the murder.

In the end the speaker starts to hear a loud thumping, like a heartbeat. He believes that it is the old man’s heart that is beating, instead of the beating heart probably being his own. When he hears the heartbeat, the speaker goes mad, and whether it is his guilty conscience that made it so, or his madness finally got the best of him, the story ends with him confessing to the police officers that he had killed the old man.

The Tell-Tale Heart

I have chosen “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe for my short story.

What I Will Never Do

Reading a newspaper, I got to thinking,

About my heart that is no longer singing.

It was you who made it that way,

When you decided not to stay.

If someday, you were to die,

There would not be a single tear in my eye.

For I will never care for you,

Since I learned your love was never true.

The news of your death, I would welcome gladly,

Since our relationship ended so badly.

I could never have loved you more,

But that all changed when you went out that door.

My former self, is now a shell,

So I hope you go straight to hell.



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