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I found Ngram and Wordle to be efficient in some ways and inefficient in other ways. Both programs are very interesting to use because they are unlike anything I have ever used before. In fact I had never even heard of these two programs until now.

Both Ngram and Wordle are efficient in the sense that they are visuals, which provide one with more than just readings or speeches. They also give a better understanding to someone who has a hard time with just readings or speeches. Many people cannot interpret words or stories and programs such as these two, can provide someone with that ability.

The problem with Ngram and Wordle though are that it is a computer doing all of the interpreting, which is fine if it is something generic that needs to be done but a computer cannot find a hidden meaning behind what a writer may have meant. It will always find the generic answer or reasoning for a word. For example, a writer may write down the word “rose” and there might be an important meaning behind that word or rose might mean something entirely different than what is written there. A computer, however, will only interpret the word rose for what it actually is.

In addition to its generic interpretations, the programs can’t hold an entire story. They can only go on a few words. This was especially in Ngram. I was only able to use a few words for that program and even just those few words made it very over crowded on the chart. I definitely preferred Wordle over Ngram. It surprised me that it was able to make some of the words that I found to be important in my short story to come out as being more prominent. Although Wordle was able to do that, I know it was probably just because the words that I thought were important are words that are used far more often others. The programs would be unable to pick up the significance of the words.

I don’t believe that these programs are good for interpretations of stories but if they are used only for generic reasons, than I believe that they will be more than efficient.




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